General K-Mist Spray

It is an eco-friendly infection preventive mist that can be used anytime.

It is a convenient individual system for disease preventive measures that can be used whenever needed by bottling the disinfectant, which is safe for the human body since it uses natural ingredients and good for reducing the floating viruses to the portable container.It minimized dampness and displeasure generated when sprayed by the fine mist spraying nozzle, and it also takes care of the design for esthetic purpose when carried.
K-Mist 일반 스프레이 정보
 The product name  Air Freshener (Highly concentrated nitric oxide water) WHONIZ CleanFlex(eco friendly organelle water)
 Capacity 30mL, 100mL
Scent types Lavender
Color Opaque white (Air Freshener), opaque white (WHONIZ CleanFlex)
Container material Plastic