Housing Software

 A half sec of mask check and fever check

 - Conducts the fever check and the mask check.- Processes the image at the ultrahigh-speed based on its own patent.- Acquires more accurate results by applying multiple face recognition.

 The remote management system of Access History Inquiry and Configuration, etc.

 - Checks the access history using the remote mobile device.- Conveniently checks the past access information based on the search condition.- Manages many K-SAFE GATE information using a single device.- Supports the multi-manager function.

Convenient Authentication System, QR code recognition APP, Disease Control Platform Server.

 - Supports the local version and the overseas version- A local product applies the QR code system of KCDC- Applies its own QR code when it comes to a foreign country.- Intrinsic QR code system supports CLIENT/SERVER, WINDOW.