K-Safer appliances

It safely and surely prevents the infection in the house.

The natural disinfectants from the appliances, including an indoor humidifier, a mini humidifier, and an automatic spraying mist, remove the floating viruses and conduct the safe and confident prevention of infection in offices, houses, kindergarten, and the inside of the vehicle.

The clean air indoor system for disease preventive measures with no need for a filter change.

The clean air Whoniz air purifier, which makes the air clean without changing a filter!It has economic benefits since it is semi-permanent, and it is optimized for indoor disease preventive measures by reducing the floating viruses in the air and increasing the sterilizing power based on the technology which makes them highly concentrated nitric oxide harmless to the human body.
K-Safer 소형가전 정보
Strongpoint The system for disease preventive measures harmless to the human body using the highly concentrated nitric oxide water and the highly concentrated nitric oxide.
Types Portable humidifier, mini humidifier for a vehicle, office humidifier, automatic spray sterilizing air freshener, air purifier.
Color Humidifier: White /Black, Air purifier: Grey
Capacity Portable humidifier : 300mL , mini humidifier for vehicle: 350mL , office humidifier: 500mL, air purifier: For 99m2, 165m2, 330m2.
Material Humidifier: Plastic, Air purifier: Aluminum compound