The system prevents a great fire by suppressing the fire from the ignition point in advance.

W-FIRE OFF system is the fire suppressing system that completely blocks a great fire using the macromolecule synthesis technology and the microcapsule production method based on the eco-friendly material.

The world's smallest automatic fire extinguisher

A gram of micro extinguishing capsule covers up to three litters, and various kinds of fusion products could be made in the fine powder type.It actualizes the unified solution to the product, including the detection of the fire to extinguishing the fire.It is the smallest extinguisher in the world, and the size is 50~300㎛.
It can suppress the fire in any circumstances, and it is the extinguishing substance that does not generate any remaining substance. It is economical as it is semi-permanently used while it has no malfunction, and it also allows automatic suppression of fire without the recognition of the person.
K-Safer 소형가전 정보
Fire Suppression It can suppress under any circumstances without the supply of electricity.
Fire extinguishing substance The fire extinguishing substance that does not generate the remaining substance.
Economical It is economical as it is semi-permanent.
System The system without malfunction.
Automatic Fire Suppression It is able to suppress the fire even if nobody is aware of the fire.