Virocare Sanitizer

Miraculous substance, nitric oxide Air Freshener

It is the substance used for a variety of purposes, including Viagra, as an eco-friendly product that eradicates germs and viruses. It is a safe and eco-friendly substance used in various sectors, including cosmetics beside sanitizer, as it especially stands out for the activation of neural transmission and the improvement of cell proliferation.
It prevents cardiovascular disease by the smooth and active blood flow
Improves the components of the body by stimulating the secretion of growth hormone
Prevents brain disease such as dementia as it increases the amount of blood that goes to the brain
Kills viruses and cancer cells by activating the immune cells.

Virocare Disinfectant

 Eco-friendly natural bio substance Clean Flex

 It is the strong disinfectant that reduces the floating virus quickly by generating various active substances such as sodium hypochlorite, which is highly active in the water, using water, electricity, and little amount of salt.
It is a natural substance extracted from fruits and plants, and it is a strong antioxidant.
It is extracted from the shells of crustaceans has an excellent skin rejuvenating effect and a cholesterol decomposition effect.
It also has an antibacterial effect, an anti-virus effect, an anti-inflammatory effect, along with an excellent deodorization effect as cell organelles.