The system that solves the disease preventive measures and gate security at the same time.

It is the cutting edge entrance system for disease preventive measures, in which the disease preventive measure and the management system are combined such as contactless thermal imaging check and mask check in realtime, through the installation at the entrance where people come and go such as the entrance of buildings, public institutions, and public offices, etc.

The distinctiveness of K-SAFE Gate

The automatic system disinfects the surrounding air and the floating viruses with the fine disinfecting particles using the nano spraying technology that sprays 12 times per second at most while it automatically alerts when it finds a person without wearing a mask by the contactless check of mask and fever within half a second. It can also manage the access with certainty using a contactless way through applying the QR code guest book system, which abides by the standard of Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
K-SAFE Gate 정보
SIZE A Type : 1260(W) X 2200(H) X 800(D) B Type : 1260(W) X 2200(H) X 996(D) C Type : 1260(W) X 2200(H) X 1696(D)
Function Face recognition, body temperature check, mask check, KCDC QR code, access management software, LED TV (imaging panel).
The number of uses per hour A type: Max. 480/ B type: Max. 480/ C type: Max. 800
Consumption per hour A type : 5.7L when used continuously Btype: 5.7L when used continuously C type : 14.4L when used continuously
Storage tank capacity A type: 60L / B type: 60L / C type: 60L


K-system for disease preventive measures free from COVID19

K-SAFE STAND is able to conduct the contactless examination by the AI-based dual face recognition as 'the entrance system for disease preventive measures,' and it enables the comfortable and accurate examination starting from child to a grown man as the angle is adjustable.

 The distinctiveness of K-SAFE STAND

Easy angle changes up to 30°

It enables examining rapidly by the adjustment of angle conveniently for a child to a grown man.

Contactless fever check

It conducts and checks a mask and fever simultaneously, and it alerts when a mask is not worn, or the fever is detected.

The disease platform server

It provides the app which can authenticate the user conveniently by applying the QR code system abiding by KCDC.

Remote visit history management system

It enables convenient management and check of the past access records based on the mobile or PC search condition.