It desires to make humankind enjoy safety and life through technology and innovation.

The system for safe tomorrow.

Whoniz Co. Ltd has established the social safety system, including public health, preventive quarantine, disaster and safety control, diagnostic treatment, etc., to make a safe and healthy society. It reduces various viruses that threaten humankind over the world and develop diverse types of system including the disinfectant and the housing that applied contactless disease preventive measures, small sanitizer, personal sanitary products that utilized the eco-friendly materials.whoniz desires to stretch to the bigger world sustainedly taking a step forward with little leaps. Whoniz is proud to provide products that intertwine with the daily life of people with the best quality, including medical services for the quality improvement of life, health, disaster and safety control, etc.It will build up the new abilities and expertise in order to enhance the competitiveness with the incessant passion and the challenging mindset while continuing the innovation incessantly.

Action managementbased on trust.

As the company is faithful to the principles and basics, every employee tries the best to satisfy customers with the best quality with the initial determination at all times.The company will be developed to the service provider of the world's best safety system for disease preventive measures by the ongoing effort to develop the new technology and to reinforce the competitiveness.It will establish mutual trust by smoothly communicating between colleagues while maintaining the clean lively organizational culture and having a sound fellowship.