K-SAFE is the sterilization system for disease preventive measures using "high concentrated nitric oxide" safe to the human body, and it reduces the 95.3% of floating viruses using natural medicine safe to the human body while preventing the virus infection and effectively blocks the virus infection, reducing the number of germs by 99.9% through sterilization and disinfection.

Entrance system for disease preventive measures

It reduces the floating viruses left on clothes or in the air by the fine spraying technology while it checks the masks and the fever automatically by installing it to the entrance with many people come and go such as the entrance of buildings, event halls, theaters, and educational institutes.

Indoor system for disease preventive measures

It maintains the fresh environment with the air purifier, in which the floating virus is sent, and the nitric oxide is created, installed in the area where many people make a living for a long time such as offices, households, and classrooms.

Individual system for disease preventive measures

It is the sanitizer & disinfectant which helps maintain a clean and safe life by reducing the viruses left on frequently used pieces of stuff or the floating viruses through using the component harmless to the human body.


The miraculous substance, nitric oxide Air Freshener, eco-friendly bio natural substance Clean flex


Half sec for checking a mask and the fever. The remote management system including inquiring the access history, environment setting, simple authentication system, recognition of QR code, disease management app.