Automatic Fire Detector, W-Sensor

It is able to monitor and manage various kinds of dangerous situations such as temperatures and vibrations in realtime by directly attaching it to the high voltage equipment that is usually not accessible.

Brake System

Automatic Fire Detector

It can suppress the fire in any circumstances, and it is the extinguishing substance that does not generate any remaining substance.
Self-powered type The previous products need to continuosly replace the battery to operate the sensors, but W-Sensor developed the world's first self-powered method, and it is able to be used semi-permanently.
Accurate diagnosis It can check the accurate information in realtime by directly attaching sensors to the wire to diagnose the abnormal state generated by the overheat of the electric power facilities, and non-professionals can also make the accurate diagnosis.
Regular monitoring system It can always check immediately, even from outside by sensors, as sensors are interlocked with the device through the realtime communication network, and it is able to build a database about the site by the sensors since the data are stored.
Low cost, High efficiency To minimize the installation cost, it increased the installation efficiency by attaching directly to the wire, getting the idea from a cable tie, and it also reduced the burden when used.

Monitoring system.

 Whenever and wherever realtime monitoring system.